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Informal Agreement


An Informal Agreement may reduce your overall debt repayment amounts, stop the interest upon approval and consolidate multiple unsecured debts into the 1 affordable repayment.

This can minimize the impact on your credit file and allow for a positive solution to repay your debts and regain financial freedom.

An Informal Agreement can be an excellent option to a Part 9 Debt Agreement or Bankruptcy.

Some Key Benefits:

✔️ Won't impact your credit file negatively as we arrange your Informal Agreement privately. 

✔️ Our Informal Agreement is not written into the National Personal Insolvency Index. This won't impact employment and is not a type of bankruptcy.

✔️ We try stop all fees and interest on your unsecured debts upon approval.

To see if your eligible to do an Informal Agreement please fill out the debt analysis form and one of our debt consultants will be in contact with you.